What Does Your Post-Game Brew Say About You?

You might think your team’s go-to beer just tastes great — but it also reveals plenty about the players around the table

So that’s your brew, huh? You chose it with intention because it tastes good after a practice or game, but what you’re sipping post–rec league says a lot more about your team’s values, personality traits and work ethic than you might think. So, what kind of players are you? Let’s ask your beer.

Loaded with toasty flavours, stout is a lot like those who drink it: sweet but strong. People are often drawn to the warmth of stout drinkers, who tend to be the life of the party and like to make sure that everyone around them is having a good time, both during the game and after. Just like this well-known dark drink, your team is iconic and highly sought-after for your playful nature. Fun Zone 3000 over here!

Lager is the big chill of beers — and teams who reach for this crisp drink post-game tend to be easygoing and laid-back to the max. Not much fazes your team, and you’re big believers that it’s not about winning, but about how you play the game. (OK, let’s be honest, it’s a little bit about winning, but you chill lager drinkers play it totally cool.) Your team is up for anything and you look forward to hanging out after the game just as much as you do to playing.

If amber ale — the bolder, sweeter cousin of pale ale — is more your team’s speed, all signs point to you being a warm and accepting group. New players? Welcome. New rules? You’re ready. Change of plans? That’s OK, you’ll make it work. But you’re strong, too, and always stand up for yourselves (in a nice way, obvi).

Belgian-Style Ale
Sure, everyone likes to have a good time, but you’re a team of real fun-seekers if Belgian-style ales are waiting in your post-game fridge. A bit refined, this crisp beer is for people who take their part on the team seriously. Your squad is precise, strategic and probably a little eccentric with the moves. You’re there to win and may pull some fancy footwork to get the goal. More than anything, your team loves an adventure and is always up for a challenge.

Flavoured Beer
Here comes the wild card! Flavoured beers are fun to experiment with because the options just keep on coming. Whether you like complex and zesty or subtly fragrant brews, teams that go for flavoured beers are risk takers and always up for a good time. If another team challenges you, you’re going to bring it, 1,000%. Your team likes things sweet, but can certainly handle sour, and people seek you out to be referees (during the game and also in life) because of your ability to see all sides.

Thanks to its hoppy bitterness, India pale ale (IPA) is a great counterpart to spicy flavours — and that’s your team bringing the heat. IPAs have a strong flavour that’s perfect for your team because you’ve got the big personality to carry it off. You work hard and you play hard. Opposing teams know they’ve got an uphill battle once it’s game time.

Your team is the real deal, and everyone knows it. Just like the sweet-edged beer you drink — with hints of caramel, toffee and nuts — you’re kind and genuine. Going out of your way to help others is always your style, and the team thrives because everyone is having a good time.

Here’s the ride-or-die of beers. Dry, crisp and a teeny bit bitter, pilsners are both reliable and refreshing. Squads with this beer in their cooler are known as great team players who can always be counted on. Pilsner drinkers are also clear, rational thinkers who adapt well to whatever life — or the game — throws their way. They’re competitive, but can make friends with any opponent after the whistle blows.

Think of a radler as a cheerleader: it’s sweet, but not overly, and just plain nice to be around. Radler drinkers are all about team building and non-stop encouragement. “No player left behind” is your motto! Upbeat and a blast to hang out with, your players are nurturing and, for some reason, always seem to have the best snacks. It’s science.

Wheat Beer
Teams who wash down a game with wheat beer value tradition. Your squad knows what’s important in life — and that’s good beer, family, friends and teamwork (not necessarily in that order). You’re smooth operators, just like your brew of choice, and are all best friends because teamwork makes the dream work in all facets of your lives.