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Do you want to order beer for a bar or venue?

Whether you have a quiet pub on the corner or a multi-national chain account, we're proud to help you bring over 400 brands of domestic and imported beer brands to your tables.

Licensee Services

Do you want to purchase or service draught beer dispensing equipment?

Draught Services established in 1947, draw from our experience in beer line cleaning, installation, service and certified education. View our current lineup of beer dispensing towers, self contained direct draw or back bar fridges, kegerators, and inventory monitoring systems. Draught Services supplies complete customized quality draft systems to meet not only your needs, but the needs of your valued customer. Improving the draught experience one tap at a time.

Draught Services

Do you need to order for your Retail Partner business?

In communities too small to support a full Beer Store location, liquor sales are provided by authorized LCBO agents. Through our Retail Partner section we provide business owners with current price lists and information on ordering, payment options and delivery.

Retail Partners Program

Do you want to list your products with The Beer Store?

The Beer Store (TBS) is open to any brewer in the world who wishes to list beverages in our channel. This includes retail and/or wholesale customers. TBS sells and distributes bottles, cans and kegs. All fees are based on our Rate Sheet which is updated annually. Listing with The Beer Store