Stewardship Report 2018

Reuse & Recycle to Build a Cleaner, Greener Ontario

At The Beer Store, we are serious about our commitment to the environment. We work hard every day to protect the environment by facilitating the reuse and recycling of beer containers and the packaging they are sold in.

Reuse & Recycle to Build a Cleaner, Greener Ontario, the 2018 Beer Store Annual Stewardship Report for primary and secondary alcohol packaging, includes details on The Beer Store’s deposit return system for beer containers and the Ontario Deposit Return Program (ODRP) for non-Beer Store listed beer, wine, spirit, and cooler containers.

Highlights of our performance in 2018:

  • Over 1.88 billion beverage alcohol containers collected from Ontario consumers (over 1.4 billion beer containers and over 395 million ODRP containers)
  • Recovery rate of 87% for beer containers
  • 96% of all refillable beer bottles sold in Ontario were returned – these bottles are reused an average of 15 times before being recycled into new glass bottles
  • 81% of wine, spirit, cooler and non-Beer Store listed beer containers (ODRP containers) were recovered.
  • Over 208,000 tonnes of GHG emissions avoided as a result of these programs – equivalent to taking 44,236 cars off Ontario’s roads and highways
  • Social media and in-store promotional and educational campaigns

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Here’s how the containers are recycled and re-used

Clear Glass

Recycled into new glass bottles, primarily at the Owens-Illinois glass container manufacturing plant right here in Ontario.

Coloured Glass

Recycled into new coloured glass bottles and fiberglass.

Aluminum Cans

Recycled into new aluminum sheet which can be used to make new aluminum cans.

Refillable Bottles

Recycled into new aluminum sheet which can be used to make new aluminum cans.

Plastic Bottles

Recycled into plastic strapping and felted automotive parts and other miscellaneous plastic products.


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