Payment Options-ipad

You can either pay The Beer Store directly or can make payments at your financial institution.

If you’re a customer in good standing:

Direct payments:

  • Present a cheque to the driver once your delivery has been received

  • Present a cheque or cash at a Retail location on the day of delivery

Payments at a financial institution:

  • Pre-Authorized Debit: We’ll draw the payment from your account 7 days after delivery

  • PC/Telephone banking*: Retail Partners send the payment to The Beer Store electronically by the 4th day after delivery

  • Teller*: Retail Partners present the remittance stub and payment to the teller at their financial institution by the day after delivery

* Please check with your financial institution to determine when payments need to be sent to ensure the transaction goes through the same day.

Comparison of Payment Options


Due Date


Funds Clear Retail Partners Account

Pre-Authorized Debit

7 Days after Delivery


7 Days after Delivery

PC / Telephone Banking

4 Days after Delivery


4 Days after Delivery


Day after Delivery


Dependent on bank processing


Cheque on Delivery


Dependent on bank processing

Credit Card

Time of Ordering


Same Day

Legal Stuff

In the case of multiple acceptance areas, to enable proper posting of payments we will issue separate invoices for each acceptance area and must receive a separate payment for each invoice. Failure to make separate payments will result in posting errors and may cause the licensee’s account to become past due. For PC / Telephone Banking set-up The Beer Store as a Payee and use the 10-digit “SAP Customer Number” listed at the top of invoice as the account number. Do not use the “License Number” on the invoice – it won’t be recognized by the financial institution.

Other than Pre-Authorized Debit where The Beer Store is responsible for initiating the payment, if retail partners do not send payment on or before the applicable due date, The Beer Store will suspend further sales until the payment is received. At the discretion of The Beer Store, multiple past due incidents or incidents of payment not clearing at the retail partners’ bank will cause retail partners to lose their good standing with The Beer Store.

Customers not in good standing **:

If you wish to continue making direct payments:

  • Present a certified cheque or cash at a Retail location prior to their order close time.

To make payments at a financial institution:

  • PC / Telephone banking 2 business days before their order close time. Set-up The Beer Store as a Payee and use the 10-digit “SAP Customer Number” listed at the top of invoice as the account number.

** If The Beer Store doesn’t receive payment prior to the order close time, the order will be cancelled.

As a result of our flexible payment options, The Beer Store does not accept “cash” as a form of payment at the time of delivery in order to safeguard our drivers.

Licensee Forms What you’ll need to do business with the Beer Store: