A plate of vibrant garden salad sits beside a jar of homemade oil dressing. Accompanying it is belgian-style wheat beer
Zero-Waste Salad with Wheat Beer Vinaigrette
time svg Cook-TimeNone
serves.svgMakes2 large meal-size
An oval platter is filled with creamy mashed potatoes, made with ale and topped with chopped chives and pads of butter. A glass of the same beer sides beside the platter.
Potato, Parsnip & Ale Mash
time svg Cook-Time1 hr
A thinly sliced spiral ham, glazed with honey and a barrel-aged Scotch ale, sits on a wooden board alongside carving tools and a glass of the same beer.
Honey & Ale–Glazed Ham
time svg Cook-Time1 h 15 min
A white-handled pot is filled with yellow cheese fondue with a skewer of cubed bread dunked in it. Bowls of chopped vegetables, cubed bread, and a glass of beer sit nearby
Lager, Gruyère & Emmental Fondue
time svg Cook-Time15 min
serves.svgServes4 to 6
A dark rimmed baking sheet is layered with gingerbread cookies that contain stout, and stemmed clementines. Two glasses of the same dark beer sit beside the cookies.
Stout Gingerbread Cookies
time svg Cook-Time22 min
Six white ramekins filled with crème brûlée made with stout and topped with dark sugar are arranged around a white fabric napkin and bright clementines on a wooden tabletop.
Chocolate Stout Crème Brûlée
time svg Cook-Time50 min
White bowls filled with vanilla ice cream and chopped pistachios sit on a wooden tabletop amid spoons and glass mugs filled with a mix of espresso and stout.
Stout Affogato
time svg Prep-Time15 min