White-glazed lemon loaf topped with sliced strawberries is partially sliced revaling the poppyseed-speckled interior. Glasses of beer sit nearby
Lemon, Poppyseed & Radler Pound Cake
time svg Cook-Time1 hr
serves.svgServes10 to 12
An enamel baking dish holds seasoned, crispy-skinned chicken cooked with a lemony radler beer, a roasted lemon slice and a bowl of spices
Herbed Lemon Radler Beer-Can Chicken
time svg Cook-Time1 hr
serves.svgServes4 to 6
Two tall glasses of thick, foamy cold brew mixed with porter and decorated with straws sit in front of a container of cold brew coffee and a bottle of dark beer.
Porter & Cold Brew Slushy Cocktail
time svg Cook-TimeNone
serves.svgServes1 cocktail, 3 cups (750 mL) cold brew
A baking dish is filled with seasoned cubes of roasted potatoes with red peppers, a lime wedge and a small bowl of aioli made with India pale ale.
Sheet Pan Home Fries with IPA Aioli
time svg Cook-Time35 mins
serves.svgServes4 to 6
A dense loaf of cheese-topped bread, made with Irish ale, sits on a cutting board beside a tall glass of dark beer, and bowls of sliced tomatoes and butter.
Cheddar Herb Quick Bread with Irish Ale
time svg Cook-Time45 mins
serves.svgServes1 loaf (12 slices)
Hearty Irish Stew with Stout
Hearty Irish Stew with Stout
time svg Cook-Time3 hr 45 mins