A thick chimichurri burger with melted cheese, lettus, tomato, red onion and bun on top of a wooden platter. A tall glass of American Pale Ale sits directly behind it
Pilsner Chimichurri Burgers
time svg Cook-Time15 mins
time svg Cook-TimeNone
A bowl filled with rice, and tofu and vegetable curry, made with lager, sits on a rustic background. Bowls of garnishes and glasses of lager sit nearby.
Kung Pao Tofu with Lager
time svg Cook-Time25 mins
serves.svgServes4 to 6
A hand grabs a slice of homemade pizza with mushrooms from a cutting board, with brown ale and salad alongside. The beer is used to make the dough and pizza sauce.
Ultimate Beer Lovers’ Pizza
time svg Cook-Time55 mins
A generously buttered cheddary cornbread muffin, cut in half, sits on an ornate vintage plate. A glass of red ale and a plate of butter, infused with the beer, are alongside.
Smoky Red Ale & Cheddar Muffins
time svg Cook-Time18 mins
serves.svgMakes12 muffins
Two hands dip bread and chips into a bowl of baked artichoke dip that's made with India pale ale. Glasses of the same beer, plus hummus and vegetables, sit nearby.
Spinach Artichoke Dip with India Pale Ale
time svg Cook-Time25 mins
serves.svgServes10 to 12