Raw broccoli, carrots, cauliflower and green pepper on a wooden board along with soft pretzels, bread sticks and a bowl of cheese dip made with India pale ale.
5-Ingredient Beer & Cheese Dip
time svg Cook-Time20 min
serves.svgServes12 - 16 appetizer
A baking dish is filled with cocoa powdered tiramisu, made with stout, and has a circular cut outlined on the top. A bunch of forks sit beside the dish.
time svg Cook-Time12 hrs or overnight
serves.svgServes9 - 12
Skin-on turkey pieces, potatoes and other vegetables and herbs float in a pilsner-rich broth in a bowl. A yellow fabric napkin and crusty bread sit beside the bowl.
Pilsner-Braised Turkey
time svg Cook-Time2 hr 30 min
serves.svgServes4 - 6
A glass bowl filled with a yellow beverage made with lager is garnished with lime slices. Glasses hang on the side of the bowl and a flower arrangement sits nearby
Beer Punch with Ginger & Lime
time svg Prep-Time10 min
serves.svgServes12 - 16
A hot cast iron skillet of sliced grilled steak, pepper and red onion, all basted with radler beer, sits in front of a stack of tortillas and lime wedges.
Radler Beef Fajitas
time svg Cook-Time10 min
A cast iron pot is filled with opened mussels, which have been steamed with India pale ale, and a lemon half.
Coconut IPA Mussels Clams
time svg Cook-Time20 min