A creamy pumpkin spice latte with a white whipped cream topping sits on a wood surface. There's a brown bottle of beer behind it with a Beer Store logo on it, and there are fall leaves and mini orange pumpkins scattered on the table surface.
Pumpkin Spice Amber Ale Latte
time svg Cook-Time7 mins
serves.svgServes1 latte (with enough leftover syrup for 7 more)
A creamy, refreshing looking iced fudge bar sits on top of a dimpled mug full of stout. There is an ice pop mold in the background.
Beer Fudge Bars
time svg Cook-Time25 mins
serves.svgServesMakes 10 frozen fudge bars (about a heaping ¼ cup each)
This ultra-refreshing beer slushy will cool you down on the hottest days. Featuring sour beer, frozen cherries and lime juice, it has a vibrant tang. It really is the perfect drink for summer.
Tart Cherry Beer Slushy
time svg Cook-Time2 mins
serves.svgServesServes 2, or 1 generously
A bright red-orange Pilsner Spritz in a tulip glass rests on a white tabletop. It has an orange wheel garnish. A tall silver beer can sits behind it.
Pilsner Spritz
time svg Cook-TimeNone
serves.svgMakes1, easily multiplied
A refrehsing looking green beer-based chelada drink in a tall beer glass with The Beer Store written on it. Limes and a reamer sit in the forefront.
Green Chelada
time svg Cook-TimeNone
A handled bamboo board holds a dozen Mint Candy Cane & Porter Brownies. They’re served with mini candy canes and pints of malty porter for a holiday treat.
Mint Candy Cane & Porter Brownies
time svg Cook-Time30 mins
serves.svgMakes12 to 16 brownies
A small dish of whole nutmegs is ready for grating over tumblers filled with Homemade Eggnog with Stout. Each glass is garnished with a cinnamon stick.
Homemade Eggnog with Stout
time svg Cook-Time10 mins
serves.svgMakesabout 3-1/2 cups (875 mL)
A pale blue plate is topped with a serving of luscious Eggs Benedict with IPA Hollandaise. A glass of golden IPA stands at the ready alongside a bowl filled with more of the beer-infused hollandaise sauce.
Eggs Benedict with IPA Hollandaise
time svg Cook-Time20 mins