A handled bamboo board holds a dozen Mint Candy Cane & Porter Brownies. They’re served with mini candy canes and pints of malty porter for a holiday treat.
Mint Candy Cane & Porter Brownies
time svg Cook-Time30 mins
serves.svgMakes12 to 16 brownies
A small dish of whole nutmegs is ready for grating over tumblers filled with Homemade Eggnog with Stout. Each glass is garnished with a cinnamon stick.
Homemade Eggnog with Stout
time svg Cook-Time10 mins
serves.svgMakesabout 3-1/2 cups (875 mL)
A pale blue plate is topped with a serving of luscious Eggs Benedict with IPA Hollandaise. A glass of golden IPA stands at the ready alongside a bowl filled with more of the beer-infused hollandaise sauce.
Eggs Benedict with IPA Hollandaise
time svg Cook-Time20 mins
A stack of crispy, gooey Browned Butter Beer Crispy Treats stands on a wooden cutting board next to a baking pan and a pint of barrel-aged ale.
Browned Butter Beer Crispy Treats
time svg Cook-Time10 mins
serves.svgMakes12 squares
A small dish holding two scoops of deep golden Hard Seltzer & Peach Sorbet stand next to a pint glass of palest-pink hard seltzer.
Hard Seltzer & Peach Sorbet
time svg Cook-TimeNone
A platter of perfectly cooked ribs slathered with Spicy Honey Beer Barbecue Sauce is served with cold beer and extra sauce for dipping.
Spicy Honey Beer Barbecue Sauce
time svg Cook-Time35 mins
serves.svgMakes1-1/2 cups (375 mL)