As of September 22, 2015 the Beer Store entered into a new Master Framework Agreement with the Province of Ontario. This agreement provides for a number of changes to Ontario’s system of beer retailing and distribution.

The Beer Store has added four Independent Directors to its Board of Directors and an Ombudsman will be appointed to support fairness and transparency. In addition, there are four newly formed Committees appointed to assist the Board of Directors in fulfilling their responsibilities.

Governance Documents

The Beer Store’s Board of Directors and Committees are comprised of the following persons:

Board of Directors:

Charlie Angelakos (Chair)

Kyle Norrington

David Bienvenu

Andrew Oland

Nick Porcellato

Andy Burgess

Chantalle Butler

Frederic Landtmeters

Saulo Rodrigues

Christopher Gojmerac

Dan Preston

Tim Penner (Independent)

Tom Muir (Independent)

Kristine Freudenthaler (Independent)

Robert Aziz (Independent)

Executive Committee:

Charlie Angelakos (Chair)

Robert Aziz

Frederic Landtmeters

Finance and Audit Committee:

Dan Preston (Chair)

Tom Muir

Chantalle Butler

Governance and Human Resources Committe

Chantalle Butler (Chair)

Kristine Freudenthaler

Charlie Angelakos

Retail and Marketing Committee:

David Bienvenu (Chair)

Saulo Rodridgues

Christopher Gojmerac

Andrew Oland

Andy Burgess

Tim Penner

Dan Preston


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