Five billion ODRP beverage containers recycled

Toronto, March 21, 2022

Today, The Beer Store in partnership with the LCBO is proud to announce the return of the five billionth container under the Deposit Return Program for wine, spirit, and beer containers sold in the province of Ontario.

Minister of the Environment, Conservation and Parks David Piccini and Beer Store President Ted Moroz celebrated this milestone by accepting beer, wine, and spirit containers at the new Beer Store Queensway location in Toronto.

Under the direction of the Government of Ontario, the LCBO initiated the Ontario Deposit Return Program (ODRP) 15 years ago and continues to fund the program delivered by The Beer Store. The program promotes the recycling of Ontario’s beer, wine, and spirit containers and is dedicated to sustainable practices.

“I would like to congratulate The Beer Store on the ongoing success of this program, which not only supports our government’s commitment to increase recycling and fight climate change, but also helps keep our communities clean and beautiful for all to enjoy,” said David Piccini, Minister of the Environment, Conservation and Parks. “Returning empty alcohol containers is an easy way for Ontarians to do their part to reduce the amount of waste going to landfills by putting bottles back into productive use.”

The ODRP has demonstrated its success in preventing beverage alcohol containers from going to landfills, reducing the number of bulky containers that go through municipal recycling streams, and providing consumers a convenient and streamlined system for the return of all beverage alcohol containers.

Between 2007 and 2021, the combined programs recycling efforts helped avoid over 2,977,333 tonnes of Greenhouse Gas emissions – that’s equivalent to taking nearly 647,510 cars and trucks off Ontario roads.

“While the impact of recycling one container might seem small, today we have our five billionth container collected through our system,” said Mr. Ted Moroz, President of The Beer Store.

“The recycling of these materials, in conjunction with the associated packaging we collect, results in the avoidance of several hundred thousand tonnes of carbon dioxide and other harmful emissions,” said Moroz.

“We are incredibly proud of the Ontario Deposit Return Program and the impact it has had on creating a more sustainable Ontario. I’d like to thank our customers for their continued commitment to recycling and for taking steps to minimize their impact on the planet.” said George Soleas, President & CEO, LCBO.