Pick-Up Orders

To enable The Beer Store to provide the best possible service to both its licensees and retail customers, we offer multiple service options to support our licensee customers.


The Beer Store’s enhanced delivery service  offers flexible delivery times and flexible payment options, that include terms.


  • A dedicated outlet that serves licensees exclusively. Dedicated SERVICE ON TAP staff and The Beer Store’s widest range of packaged and draught products.
  • These locations have convenient, extended hours. The Beer Store is in the process of constructing a number of SERVICE ON TAP Direct locations. 


  • Select in-store hours for licensees. Both packaged and draught products available with licensee hours of service offered five days a week during the afternoon.
  • In addition, licensees have the opportunity to pickup up to 10 cases from any retail store location, and licensees may pickup up to 10 cases, 2 kegs or 6 cylinders at our SERVICE ON TAP licensee locations outside of licensee hours.
  • We appreciate our licensee customers directing their larger purchases to our SERVICE ON TAP licensee locations during licensee hours. We are not equipped to serve large licensee orders otherwise and both our licensee and retail customers suffer.
  • The Beer Store asks that licensees separate empty bottles into industry and non-industry bottles, with industry bottles in industry cartons or repack trays, to assist us in providing quick and efficient service. As well, licensees may return as many sorted empty bottles as products that they will be purchasing at retail stores or SERVICE ON TAP licensee locations outside of the licensee hours. Empty keg and cylinder containers are returned to SERVICE ON TAP licensee locations.
  • The Beer Store employees can only assist with loading kegs at SERVICE ON TAP Direct locations during licensee hours. We cannot assist with loading kegs at SERVICE ON TAP EXPRESS locations. Also, the keg will be loaded into a suitable van, pickup truck, or commercial vehicle if an appropriate slide or lifting equipment can be utilized. We cannot assist with loading kegs into cars, SUVs or other inappropriate vehicles where there is a reasonable likelihood of damage or injury.
  • The Beer Store picks up product returns with product deliveries and cannot facilitate returns of partial or full product for refund at any retail location.
  • Please refer to your listing of SERVICE ON TAP Licensee Locations for a complete listing and hours.