Organizing a Bottle Drive

Organizing a Bottle Drive

At The Beer Store we are proud to be environmental leaders! For over 80 years we have been taking back all of the beer containers we sell, giving customers their deposit refund. With the introduction of the Ontario Deposit Return Program, we now take back all beverage alcohol containers purchased in Ontario on which a deposit has been paid. All wine, beer and spirit containers over 100ml have a deposit value of 10 or 20 cents.

Having a bottle drive for charity is a great way to raise funds for your cause! We welcome your returns!

Help us help you with your bottle drive by following these tips:

Before your bottle drive

  • Please contact The Beer Store in your community to let them know your plans
  • We will advise you of the best return location and coordinate a return time
  • Drop by the store to obtain cardboard cartons if required

Getting ready to return your empties

  • Closer to the time of your bottle drive, contact the store to:
    • Reconfirm your return date, time and location
    • If possible, advise the store of the amount of containers you expect to return
  • Organize your containers into their original packaging or the cardboard cartons provided
  • To speed up the returns, sort empties into “like” groups
    • Separate beer bottles by colour
    • Separate wine and spirit bottles by clear and coloured glass
    • Separate Tetra, Plastic and other containers (bag-in-a-box)
    • Cans

When you return your empties

  • Minimize the number of people who come to the store to assist with the unloading of empties; we suggest children do not handle containers or boxes
  • For everyone’s safety, please supervise children in store parking lots

Visit our Store Locator for store locations, hours and phone numbers.

Printable Resources

To help you with your bottle drive, we have created these helpful resources for you: