Your holiday party checklist

Your holiday party checklist

Are you ready to rock around the Christmas tree? Because we’re ready to help you make it happen with this helpful list of party ideas and shopping items. Your holiday hop’s gonna go off without a hitch.


’Tis the season of indulgence, so get down to business with the following items for all your noshing needs. You’ll want to lay out a spread of cheer featuring treats and heartier bites, like so:

Nibbles and treats

Snacks are small but mighty. Many people just want to graze at a holiday do, so let them. Include some of your own holiday baking or ask guests to bring homemade treats. We left some suggestions below (hint, hint).

Get buff(et)

Here’s where finger foods and heartier eats take center stage. Serve food on skewers or as one-biters. You can assemble different cheeses and cured meats on a charcuterie board along with the usual suspects, like dried fruit, crackers, and pickled veg. And get festive with a Caprese salad of basil, cherry tomatoes and mozzarella assembled on a circular platter to look like a wreath.

Holiday cheer

Clink glasses to health, wealth and good times with these classy recipe ideas and accouterments. Simple add-ons — like a sprig of rosemary or frozen cranberries in a chilled glass of beer — really elevate the scene and add a nice flavor accent to your brews.


You’ve got food and drinks. Now keep the tinsel swaying with these guaranteed crowd-pleasers. Play holiday flicks on mute and crank your favorite carols. Make it interactive by asking each guest to pony up some fave holiday tune suggestions ahead of the party to create a collaborative playlist. Oh, and did somebody say photo booth? Yeah, it was us.


Now it’s time to deck those halls. Make a big impact with these simple holiday hacks, using things you probably have on hand from years gone by. Drape twinkle lights over anything and everything to make it feel instantly festive. Take it to the next level by wrapping your cooler in paper or adorning it with a bow (and tell everyone to park their empties there so we can take them back). There, Santa-approved.

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