Ultimate Cottage Packing List

Hot chili and cold beer are made for each other

Everything you need to kick back, relax and enjoy a cottage weekend.
Ahhh, the cottage. Time on the dock, memories by the fire, woodland friends and beautiful landscapes to explore. It’s almost time to slow down and relax, but before you make it to your favourite destination, you’ve gotta pack the essentials (plus a few extras to really bring it with the good times). We’ve made it easy for you with this simple checklist, categorized by what you’ll need for each activity, including snacks and beers. As if you’d forget them.

Breakfast buffet

The most important meal of the day can sometimes be a juggling act to get together when you’ve got a full house. (Do early birds and night owls even see each other between midnight and noon?) A serve-yourself breakfast buffet is the smart solution, but you don't have to stick to cereal and milk. Earn meal-planning cred with a DIY avocado toast set-up so everyone can make their own Instagram-worthy creation. Bonus points if you get that unicorn floatie in the background.

Lunch and dinner

Listen, why mess with success? The classics are what everyone craves during cottage time. These are your go-to meals (some cranked up a notch), including foods that should touch flames and the things to go with ’em. You’ll probably be grilling your dinners and having sandwiches or snack-y stuff for lunch, so we got you started. (Don't forget to check out our guide to beer and food pairings so your fridge is stocked just right.)

Fun things

Whether you want to relax to the max on the dock or run around doing all the things, make sure you have your bases covered in the fun department (and stuff to keep you busy if it rains. BOO!).

Campfire accoutrements

If you don't plan on having a campfire (provided it's safe to do so; check to ensure no fire bans), what are you even doing at the cottage? Here's everything to pack for a fun time around the pit.

The chill zone

This is where you’ll be spending lots of time relaxing and living your best life. It doesn’t have to be fussy — just calm and cool. Here’s what you need.

Drink checklist

Keep your fridge stocked with all the icy-cold drinks of your dreams. Variety is key, especially if you’re entertaining. Our rule is 4:1 — for every four standby favourites, grab one that’s new to you and your guests. And don’t forget recycling bags so you can bring those empty cans back to the store after your getaway. And, obviously, drink responsibly, ’kay? For every five people for a four-day trip, bring:

The basic-but-important stuff

It’s easy to forget the basics, so here’s your friendly reminder. Because you’re busy, doing busy people stuff.

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