What beers to drink with your favourite fries

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Every day is fry-day, as far as we’re concerned. Here’s how to match your ideal spud prep with the perfect beer

Fries, tots, frites, chips — whatever you call them, these starchy-salty bites come in all shapes and sizes. No matter your preferred style, we’ve rounded up the best beers to accompany those spuds. What can we say? We only have fries for beer.

Plain + pale lager

No, not sans ketchup. We’re talking “plain” as in shoestring, steak fries and fast-food takeout. These guys are nice and crisp, and comfortable with just being themselves. A refreshing pale lager will cut the saltiness of these classics.

Chili-cheese + India pale ale (IPA)

On the indulgent side of things, chili-cheese fries (sometimes called Coney fries) have layers of frites, meaty chili and gooey cheese. To wash down all that delicious excess, go big with an IPA. It’s strong enough to handle any heat.

Cajun-style curly + dark ale or lager

Tangy, peppery Cajun spice all over a fun, spiral fry? Perfection. Max out the experience with the malty flavours of a dark ale or lager. The rich flavour of these brews makes a smooth move against the subtle heat of those corkscrews.

Sweet potato + American- or Belgian-style wheat beer

Since you’re likely taking your sweet potato fries for a dunk in some garlicky aioli, you’ll want an American- or Belgian-style wheat beer. Why? They both offer up citrus flavour that’ll give your dip some extra zip.

Poutine + Canadian ale

It doesn’t get much more patriotic than classic poutine. And while many a beer will hold up against rich gravy and squeaky cheese, there’s one that stands out among the rest: crisp Canuck ale. The fact that it cleanses the palate after each cheesy, rich bite doesn’t hurt either.

Tots + pilsner

It is a universally accepted truth that tots are awesome. If you like them movie style (with a few squirts of melted queso on top), pair them with a pilsner. The starchy spuds go well with sips of this crisp, golden brew.

Home fries or hash browns + porter

Brunch calls for some heavy hitters, including crispy, onion-laden home fries and a porter. This brew’s roasty, coffee-like flavours are real, and so is the “breakfast stout” concept. Please believe the hype.

British-style + British-style ale

It may be obvious, but we’re saying it anyway: Nab a British-style ale to go with your British-style chips. This malt-flavoured beer is the drink your malt vinegar–soaked fries deserve.

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