What beer to pair with your favourite type of music

An illustrated assortment of music genres with beer pairings. Top row from left to right: amber ale and easy listening, pale lager and punk, IPA and hip hop, classic pale ale and oldies. Bottom row from left to right: stout/porter and soul/r&b, fruit beer and pop, radler and electronica, dark lager and metal.

What type of music is dominating your playlists lately? From hip hop to pop, punk and beyond, these beer-and-music pairings will be sure to hit the right notes

Pairing your music with your beer: How does that sound? It makes a lot of sense. Choosing a beer and choosing your music are all about the mood you’re in, so why not sync them up like a perfectly executed drum-and-bass solo?

To get you started, we’ve got the ultimate suds for your soundtrack — whether you’re headbanging to heavy metal or getting comfortable with some smooth soul.

Fruit beer + pop

Naysayers might write off pop music and/or fruit beer as overly sweet and unsubstantial. Frivolous, even. Well, shake ’em off, because as fans (of pop and fruit beer) know, there’s a lot going on under that sunny surface.

An illustrated glass of fruit beer stands next to an illustrated CD player.

Amber ale + chill-out (a.k.a. easy listening and acoustic)

Your term for relaxing mood music depends on your generation. “Chill-out”? “Easy listening”? Whatever word you use, it’s easygoing — a solid go-to when you don’t know what else to put on. Amber ale is like that, too: a mellow, all-around, easy-to-love beer that goes with lots of foods (and moods).

An illustrated glass of amber ale stands next to an illustrated smart phone and wireless headphones.

Pale lager + punk

If you’re into the straightforward, three-chords-is-enough unpretentiousness of punk, then pale lager — simple, delicious and refreshing — is great for anyone who thinks anything too fancy would be selling out.

An illustrated glass of pale lager stands next to an illustrated cassette tape and walkman.

India Pale Ale (IPA) + hip hop

The best rappers weave a lot of layers of meaning into their rhymes. Just like skilled IPA-making brewmasters, who make sure the “beat” of the malts in the beer complement the “lyrics” of the hops. And you’ve got to agree: Those hops are hip!

An illustrated glass of IPA stands next to an 80s-style boom box.

Stout and porter + soul/R&B

Deep, comforting and beautifully bittersweet … we could be describing a stout or porter or a nice old-school soul/R&B number. And either is perfect when you want to savour the moment — nice and slow.

An illustrated glass of stout or porter stands next to an old-school radio.

Dark lager + heavy metal

Some like it dark — really dark. And if you’re a metal fan, a dark lager can be almost the right shade to match your black wardrobe. Just don’t tell anyone that a dark lager can actually taste bright and refreshing, because it might not be good for your heavy-metal image.

An illustrated glass of dark lager stands next to an illustrated amp.

Radler + electronica

If you like music that makes you move and there’s nothing you enjoy more than dancing all night, try a radler. A mix of citrus and lager, it’s the most thirst-quenching beer around when you’ve worked up a sweat.

An illustrated glass of radler stands next to an illustrated dj table.

Classic pale ale + oldies

The oldies: They’re innocent and often quite simple, but there’s something satisfying about them. Maybe it’s the nostalgia talking, but they’re classic for a reason. Same goes for traditional, honest, classic pale ales: Take a sip and you’ll start to understand why your parents indulged in this uncomplicated pleasure.

An illustrated glass of classic pale ale stands next to an illustrated gramophone.

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