What beer to pair with your brunch

Hot chili and cold beer are made for each other

When breakfast and lunch get married, it’s the most delicious and leisurely meal of the week. And these brews play well with what’s on the menu

It doesn’t get chiller than brunch. And here’s a brilliant but easy way to make the most laid-back meal of the week even tastier: Match your main with its ideal brew. These eight brunch and beer pairings are some of our faves, because each element brings out the best in its Sunday afternoon soulmate.

Classic bacon and eggs + stout

Is there anything stout can’t do? With its darkly sweet, roasted flavours, it’s sometimes compared to (or even flavoured with) coffee, so it’s designed to rise and shine at brunchtime. Stout is your go-to brew for the slight char of medium or well-done bacon and the toasty aromas of…well…toast.

Full English breakfast + British-style pale ale

Brits do brunch right with this hefty plate of eggs, sausages, bacon and baked beans. Sure, pale ale is a no-brainer match, but there’s also legit science to this pairing: The ale’s sweetness and buttery aromas will melt right into that savoury spread, and the earthy hops complement the juicy (and mandatory) fried tomato.

Fruity pancakes + fruit-flavoured beer

Don’t think too hard — just go with what makes sense. And that’s mix-and-match fruits. Wash down your blueberry, strawberry or apple pancakes with a fruit beer to sweeten up your midday feast.

Chicken and waffles + strong lager

Fried chicken for breakfast is a bold move. You need a bold beer to go with it. Enter a strong lager: Its muscular malt flavours will harmonize with the syrup on your waffles, and it’s full-flavoured enough to cut through the richness of that crunch-tastic chicken breast or drumstick.

Salmon eggs Benedict + American pale ale (APA)

Eggs Benny wears the brunch crown, and the lemony hops of an APA add a spritz of citrus to complement the smoked salmon or lox in the mix. Plus, the beer’s light body won’t weigh down gorgeously runny poached eggs and silky hollandaise sauce.

Huevos rancheros + light lager

Hello from the party on your plate! The gentle sweetness of a light, pale lager (such as a helles) aligns perfectly with the sweetness of the corn tortilla. Light lagers also serve as a refreshing way to douse the flames of any hot sauce lingering on your palate.

Cheese omelette + brown ale

If you wake up and choose cheese, the nutty aromas of a brown ale are your ideal partner. This brew enhances popular omelette stuffers — like cheddar, Swiss, provolone and other melty powerhouses — but is light-bodied and subtle enough not to arm-wrestle the delicate eggs.

Avocado toast + pilsner

As if we would neglect the all-star toast topper — or the golden brew that plays nicely with so many foods. (Do you even know us?) The simplicity of these two is where the magic lies. And, hey, the assertive hops of a pilsner will balance out bold cilantro and any spicy embellishments you want to throw at it.

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