What beer to drink with your favourite pies

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Whether you like sweet or savoury pies, we’ve rounded up the best beer mate for your go-to slice. Trust us, you’ll want a piece of this action

When it comes to pairing pies with suds, we have strong fillings (sorry, we couldn’t help it). To make sure every taste bud enjoys the ultimate flavour experience, we did this important research. What can we say? We only have pies (and beers) for you.

Apple + spiced beer

It doesn’t get more wholesome than apple pie. We all know a scoop of vanilla ice cream or a piece of sharp cheddar can be apple’s number one cheerleader, but thanks to apple’s BFF cinnamon, a spiced winter beer can also join the team. Dark lagers and wheat beers are good, too. Brown sugary flavours are better together.

Banana cream + German-style wheat beer

Silky pudding, whipped cream and sliced bananas: Now that’s textbook deliciousness (a-peeling, even). It’s also a lot of sweet. Balance it with a pale German-style wheat beer, which has its own *very* subtle hint of banana.

Lemon meringue + India pale ale (IPA)

If you fancy yourself more of a tart fruit lover, then pucker up and go for a glass of IPA. The pale ale’s citrusy aroma and acidity are a nice way to prop up that fluffy meringue.

Cherry + dark ale

“She’s my cherry pie,” says the malty dark ale to the, uh, cherry pie. That’s because this tall, dark, handsome drink has a hint of sweet, which strikes a great balance with those tart little rubies.

Savoury meat + British-style pale ale

On the umami side of things, pot pies and tourtières are extra-luxurious with a British-style pale ale in their corner. This brew has plenty of herblike hops, which help you savour the hefty flavours of a meat pie.

Pecan + brown ale

Let’s state the facts: A pecan pie is basically a big, huge butter tart. Serving it with a nutty brown ale — which shares the same treacly brown sugar flavour — won’t make anyone angry.

Key lime + pale lager

Quick hack for you: If you’d squeeze a lime into a beer, then that brew’s a perfect fit for the tangy, creamy slice you’ve got there. Too long; didn’t read? Pale lagers, friend.

Chocolate cream + stout or porter

The other half of the dream team here is stout or porter. Because a chocolate cream pie is indulgent, you want a chocolatey beer that can match its decadence. Capisce?

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