What beer to drink with your favourite doughnuts

Hot chili and cold beer are made for each other

These holey snacks are always up for a good time — and now you know which brews are their BFFs

When it comes to fried dough, we’re not beating around the bush (-el of icing sugar). You want the perfect beer to accompany your prized snack, and that’s what we want for you too. Here, pairings that really take the cake.

Old-fashioned + amber lager or pale ale

Ain’t no shame in the plain-Jane game. If a sweet-but-not-overdoing-it OF is your OG, grab a not-too-hoppy amber lager or a British-style pale ale to go with it.

Apple fritter + pilsner

Apple pie filling rolled into dough with a sugary glaze? Don’t mind if we do. Some bakers swear by adding pilsner to this sweet dough. It makes a tasty match with the finished product as well.

Maple + dark ale

What does Canadian heaven taste like? That would be maple syrup and brown sugar, which is why a dark ale hits the sweet spot for maple doughnuts. In fact, its flavour profile is similar to a maple-pecan tart, and who wouldn’t want that?

Boston cream + American-style pilsner

A little custard never hurt anybody, and this indulgent dough fest pairs excellently with a light-bodied, citrusy American-style pilsner, which offsets the richness of the heavy cream. It’s all about balance.

Honey dip + honey beer

Honey times two is the way to go when it comes to a classic dip. Translation: A honey beer is the one for you.

Jelly + fruit beer

A fruit-infused beer is your jam, since it’s not going to compete with the gooey filling of these stuffed marvels. So get creative by mixing a cherry beer with a strawberry-filled goodie, or whatever. The world is your doughnut.

Cinnamon sugar + Belgian-style ale

Belgian-style ale can compete with the grainy, spiced sweetness of cinnamon sugar, because it packs its own rich flavour complex. No egos here, just compatibility.

Double-chocolate + stout or porter

You probably could have guessed this match, since its rich malted barley and chocolaty flavours go so well with most decadent treats. Ding, ding! A stout or porter is what your double-chocolate doughnut wants. It’s a cocoa trifecta up in here.

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