What beer to drink with your favourite chicken wings

What beer to drink with your favourite chicken wings

Is breaded chicken the wind beneath your wings? Good news: These brews are perfect matches for the flats and drumettes of your choosing, whether they’re spicy, sticky, sweet or peppery

There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to washing down chicken wings. Do you like your suds thirst-quenching? Palate-cleansing? Able to handle the heat? Fly on over to your favourite flavour to see which beer is up to the challenge.

Buffalo + Canadian ale

To chase that bit of heat and add some crispness, pair these classic wings with a classic Canadian ale. The bitterness from the hops matches the not-too-hot spice of Buffalo sauce perfectly.

Honey-garlic + honey beer

This one is a no-brainer: honey beer goes with honey wings. The obvious choice is the right choice when it comes to the sticky sweetness of a pound (or three) of honey-garlic.

Salt-’n’-pepper + pale lager or kolsch

Salt and pepper’s here, and a thirst-quenching pale lager is in effect. If sauces aren’t your thing, that’s no problemo, because pale lagers and kolsches do a good job of cleansing the palate and preventing you from getting parched by these dry-rubbed bites.

Suicide + India pale ale (IPA)

Wipe the sweat off your brow and go in for an IPA that can beat the heat of these spicy guys. India pale ales have a knack for handling fiery chilies, thanks to their own robust flavour.

Caribbean jerk + stout

Smoky jerk wings deserve the deeply toasted and charred malt flavours in a stout. The sweetness of this dark glug also helps balance the zing of the fiery sauce.

Barbecue + dark or brown ale

The caramel sweetness of a dark or brown ale is the perfect mate for finger-licking-good barbecue sauce.

Creamy ranch + pilsner

Okay, so this flavour hero can be an all-over coating or a righteous dunk. In either case, pair tangy ranch with something a little bitter to counteract the creamy richness — like, say, a crisp pilsner.

Teriyaki + blonde, golden or pale ale

Push any doubts about the sticky-sweet flavours of teriyaki wings to the sidelines. When you match that heavy sweetness with a blonde, golden or pale ale, you bring a herbal complexity into the mix, which will cleanse the sugary glaze from your palate.

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