What beer to drink with your favourite Canadian eats

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Celebrate our home and native land by digging into the nation’s most popular treats — and the beers that love them.

Oh, Canada. From coast to coast to coast, you’re more than all right. And your food isn’t bad, either. We’ve rounded up some of our edible national treasures (butter tarts FTW!) and the beers that help them shine. It’s our tribute to Canadian eats: poutine, ketchup chips and all.

Poutine + pale ale

This may be our most renowned dish, and could it be any more beautiful? Fries loaded with flavourful gravy and squeaky curds need a little something to cut through their richness. Thanks to its bitter hops, a pale ale will stand on guard for thee. It’ll complement the salty gravy with its malty sweetness too. Isn’t that nice?

Butter tarts + darkor brown ale

It’s a contentious topic: with raisins or without? However you like these maple-and-sugar-filled treats, a nutty, not-too-sweet brown or dark ale is simpatico with the make-your-teeth-sing sweetness of Canada’s best tart. We give it five maple leaves out of five.

Ketchup chips + saison

They’re an ice-rink staple, and for good reason. Dang, if those finger-staining crisps aren’t tangy, eh? A slightly sour saison beer will harmonize with that stings-so-good vinegar flavour and wash away the saltiness of each patriotic bite.

Montreal smoked meat + fruit beer or dark lager

Here’s one for the history books. (Who are we kidding? It’s already in there.) Ticking all the boxes for what makes a great sammy, Montreal smoked meat is smoky (duh), salty and rich. For authenticity hounds, a fruit beer is a solid partner — Montrealers often chase their sandwiches with cherry pop! The caramel notes of a dark lager also make that tasty charred crust shine.

Nanaimo bars + India pale ale(IPA)

Vancouver Island born and raised, the Nanaimo bar is another of our most iconic treats. It’s a sweet one too, but an IPA can handle it. This brew’s tropical fruit aromas play well with the coconut base, and its powerful body is strong enough to hang with decadent chocolate ganache.

Lobster rolls + blonde or golden ale

We’re headed to the East Coast now, with luxurious bites of lobster, mayo and squishy roll. For a pairing as fresh as a sea breeze, give blonde or golden ale a try. These guys have tangy, citrusy hops (if you like lemon in your beer, you’ve met your match) and a light body, which is a 10/10 partner for decadent lobster.

Peameal bacon + Canadian pale ale

Juicy and salty, this bacon is perfection on a soft bun with grainy mustard (*chef’s kiss*). A national dream like peameal demands another noble local: Canadian pale ale. It’s simple but delicious and will quench the thirst you just worked up from enjoying that briny back bacon.

BeaverTails + amber beer or British-style pale ale

In case you had any doubts about this treat’s heritage, the name says it all. This beloved fried dough can get dressed up any way you like, and an amber ale will work dam (sorry?) well to match the sweetness of the toppings you pick. Wanna honour the Commonwealth? A British-style pale ale has the same effect.

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