What beer to drink with your favourite BBQ eats

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It’s time to grill and chill out with the perfect brew. Match these suds to your best charbroiled grub

You know the drill. Tie on your cheesiest apron, fire up the ’cue and get cooking the things that earned you the title of Grill Master. But don’t let the grub take all the glory — the brews you pair with your barbecued dishes make all the difference. Whether you’re into surf, turf or veg, here’s what’s good.

Cheeseburger + pale ale

Thinking about a tasty beef patty with melty cheese and a stack of fresh toppings is enough to make many of us drool. Now dab your mouth and pour yourself some well-rounded pale ale to accompany those juicy burger bites. Its combo of sweetness, bitterness and body is what you want to balance those tangy toppers.

Hot dog + cream ale or kolsch

There’s no shame in the hot dog game. It doesn’t matter if you dress yours up or keep it trad with basic lines of ketchup and mustard. A simple summery sip, like a cream ale or kolsch, is going to quench the thirst caused by that salty dog.

Ribs + brown or dark ale

We know you’re excited to chow down on a rack of smoky, sticky-sweet ribs. Here, you’ll want to match the richness of your spice rub or sauce with an equally decadent brew. Malty-sweet brown or dark ale, get over here!

Steak + stout or porter

Call on a stout or porter to complement the big, meaty flavour profile of a grilled steak. The robust and roasty notes of these beers are definitely picking up what those char marks are putting down.

Beer-can chicken + light or fruit beer

Yes, having beer alongside your chicken is great, but don’t discount putting a little beer inside it, too. The steam of a light or fruity beer will put itself to work unleashing the meat’s savoury goodness and making your winner dinner nice and juicy.

Planked salmon + India pale ale (IPA)

Let’s get woodsy. When it comes to a smoky planked salmon, reach for an IPA. The subtle hint of pine in this herbed brew gets along really well with its fellow forest friend, cedar. If you really want to take it up a notch (and why wouldn’t you?), soak the plank in IPA for, like, 10,000 extra flavour points.

Shrimp skewers + radler

Throw some shrimp on the barbie (apologies — we just couldn’t miss that opportunity). Since these crustaceans basically demand a squeeze of lemon or lime, it’s only logical that a beer that takes a walk on the citrus side would be the hero of this story. Hello, radler.

Grilled veggies + pale lager

If you’re vegging out on corn, vegetable skewers or, perhaps, a foil package of zucchini, ’shrooms and peppers, take a seat beside pale lager. It’s got a grassy tang and some refreshing zest to make your herbivore spread really sing.

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