What beer to drink with your chocolate

Hot chili and cold beer are made for each other

Cocoa lovers, unite! These brews won’t steal the spotlight from your favourite chocolate bars, squares or chips.

Chocolate is many things: delicious, versatile, happy to be included in a cookie and a real day-maker when you’ve had a tough one. Match your morsel — sweet or bitter — with a beer that understands it. Here, we did the work for you and matched some popular picks with well-suited sips.

Milk chocolate + dark or brown ale

It’s sweet and simple, the way silky chocolate should be. If you’re indulging in a smooth bar, an equally sweet dark or brown ale is the one that you want alongside.

Salted caramel chocolate + English-style ale

English ales pair up nicely with salty foods. Sure, a chocolate filled with salted caramel is a far cry from newspaper-wrapped chip-wagon eats, but they do have a briny common denominator. And that’s why English ale is the natural fit.

Fruit-and-nut chocolate + red or amber ale

Rich chocolate studded with bits of chewy dried fruit and crunchy nuts is classic. Red and amber ales have a similar vibe, with a warm, dried-fruit aroma. Combining the two is the same side of a very delicious coin.

70% dark chocolate + stout or porter

This mid-range dark chocolate is not too sweet and not too bitter. The roasted malt in a stout or porter leans on similar chocolatey flavours that help sweeten the deal.

80% or higher dark chocolate + stout or porter

It’s another home run from stout and porter. This time, they’re matched up with a seriously dark chocolate — 80% cocoa or higher (if you dare). Roasted malts serve up their own chocolate-coffee profile, and the crisp hops can stand toe-to-toe with this ultra-dark chocolate’s bitterness.

White chocolate + Belgian-style white beer

White chocolate goes with white beer — Belgian-style to be exact. It’s not about the matching shades, but more that Belgian white’s citrusy-ness marries with white chocolate’s creaminess, leaving your palate with a sort of lemon meringue or orange Creamsicle situation. Yum.

Almond-coconut chocolate + American pale ale

Plain old chocolate-covered almonds would still go well with an American pale ale, but the coconut is key for this pairing. That’s because this beer has fruity notes, and with coconut, well, it’s a tropical harmony.

Chili chocolate + India pale ale (IPA)

Ever-versatile IPA is known for being able to handle the heat, whether it’s coming from spicy street food or your chili-enhanced chocolate. Why? It’s got heavy hops and a robust flavour that is powerful enough to stand up to the flames.

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