What beer pairs best with your kind of dad?

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Raise a glass to the guy who raised you. We’ll tell you which beer fits his personality to a T.

If your dad were a beer, what beer would he be? A hoppy one. It’s true — we love dads, beer and corny jokes! Match your pop’s persona with his corresponding brew using our very technical research. Get ready to groan. Just a little.

The Worker Bee + honey beer

Hard work is so admirable. Since your old man’s such a diehard for productivity, a little honey brew at the end of a long day will help this busy bee unwind and unleash that sweet side.

The Safety Inspector + pale lager

S-s-s-s, a-a-a-a, f-f-f-f…. (He knows the rest, doesn’t he? Of course he does.) If disaster planning and low-risk fun are his jam, have dear old Dad take a calculated chill sesh with a crisp, predictable pale lager. Absolutely nothing can go wrong with this one.

The Maestro + cream ale (and maybe a lager, too)

This one’s a twofer. This classic rocker pines for a smooth and harmonious cream ale to match his similarly soothing tunes. But musicians are nostalgic too, and sometimes they just want to drum up something classic. How about a lager, just like in the old gig days?

The Jokester + pale ale

Do you feel like a beer? You sure don’t look like one. Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk. The bringer of dad jokes isn’t sheepish around fun beers. A pale ale is happy to play along with the puns. It brings its own subtle but wild flavours, like banana and bubble gum. After all, aren’t gum wrappers where Dad got most of his zingers?

The Hipster + something new or seasonal

He’s not a regular dad — he’s a cool dad, which obviously means his taste buds are down to sip something special and seasonal. Grab this vintage-loving papa a new brew, preferably one you’ve never heard of. Ask the staff at your local Beer Store to point you in the right direction.

Papa Geek + India pale ale (IPA)

He’s nerdy, and he knows it. Your comic-reading, all-knowing IT genius of a pop needs something complicated and intriguing. An IPA offers all the complexity and depth of that multipart science fiction saga you keep meaning to watch with him. Pick up the suds and fire up the Betamax.

Mr. Fix-It + pilsner

Can he fix it? A hundo P. This handy pa sure is smart and appreciative of a job well done. Since he always has a new project brewing, nab him a pilsner to chill out with. It ticks all the boxes just by being simple, elegant and well crafted: just the way he likes it.

The Drill Sergeant + light beer

You’ll get no funny business from Mr. Serious here — and you wouldn’t change a thing. A stern dad demands no nonsense from his beer. A light brew is smooth and easygoing, and just might help him lighten up. No guarantees, though.

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