What beer pairs best with your Halloween costume?

Hot chili and cold beer are made for each other

Ready for a chill(ing) eve of spooky snacks, creepy costumes and the bubbling beers that pair best with them? Us, too. And we can tell you which brew is the ideal match with your Halloween getup

It’s time to get tricked out in your Halloween best. And we’re here to take a stab at what your ghoulish garb says about the brew you choose. Please, don’t be frightened by how accurate our matchups are. (And don’t forget to check out our tasty Halloween candy and beer pairings for grown-ups as you’re digging through that loot bag for a late-night treat.)

Ghost + lager

A classic sheet-over-the-head ghost costume proves that you’re easygoing, so it’s only fitting (a sheet, right!?) that a classic, nonchalant brew like lager would be your go-to. No one can say “boo” to that. Now, don’t forget to snip a mouth hole in that costume, Casper.

Vampire + red ale

What does a vampire drink? It starts with “B” and ends in “lood.” But we’re not going there. So here’s what doesn’t suck: A red ale that will match your overshadowing aesthetic perfectly. Just make it home before sunrise. And maybe stay away from the garlic hummus.

Minimal effort + saison

The facts are these: You like to have fun and you don’t need a bunch of accessories to do it. You’re a last-minute Halloween-er — slapping on some fake animal ears or a goofy mask, or painting a low-tech box to wear (wait, are robots made of cardboard?). A zippy, carefree, carbonated saison is catching exactly what that [insert random, eleventh-hour costume here] is throwing down.

Giant food + wheat beer

If you enter the scene as a humongous hot dog, or show up as a condiment bottle or a sprinkle-topped doughnut, it probably — nay, definitely — means you’re a foodie. That’s why you already know that a wheat beer will cleanse your palate between bites and offer neutrality amid the barrage of looks lurking about. Sweet, spicy and scary costumes can all bring it!

Witch + seasonal brew

Everyone knows that witches thrive in the fall, so spooky, seasonal flavours that bubble, bubble, toil and trouble are what you and your pointy hat are all about. The darker and more menacing it looks in your cauldron cup, the better. Don’t forget: Water melts witches — and thins your brew — so keep your sip cold with beer cubes instead of ice.

Superhero + India pale ale

Oh, pardon your pecs! You superheroes would punch through a brick wall for something strong that works overtime in the flavour department. Send out an IPA signal, because its hops are ripped, just like you.

Skeleton + radler

Just being honest: There’s not a lot to a skeleton. That means a lighter drink will work best for you lean, lanky friends. Part tangy citrus juice, part delicious beer — now that’s a bone-chilling formula for refreshment. You don’t need guts to say yes to a juicy radler.

Pirate + classic ale

If it’s a pirate’s life for you, we peg you as a classic ale lover. That’s because ale has a nice bitter edge — kinda like you, arrr — to temper the sweetness of the malt. Don’t agree? It’s the plank for you! (JK, we love you.)

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