What beer goes with your fave emoji?

An illustrated assortment of music genres with beer pairings. Top row from left to right: IPA and head exploding emoji, amber ale and prayer hands emoji, light beer and laughing face emoji, cream ale and sparkles emoji. Bottom row from left to right: pilsner and fire emoji, radler and sunglass face emoji, pail ale and thumbs up emoji, stout and heart eyes emoji.

The emoji you most use reveals your unique personality.🤪 See what 🍺 beer style you’ll ❤️ love based on which emoji best expresses your vibe 🔮

When someone asks you how you feel, do you reply: 😀 or 👍 or 🤷?

Your go-to emoji is a little digital window into your soul — the “emo” part stands for “emotion,” after all. And your communication style (yes, including texting) is one of those things that makes you you, just like your favourite beer style.

So, in the interest of aligning your beer style to your inner being, here’s what your favourite emoji says about you — and beer can help express it just as eloquently.

😂 — light beer

You live, you laugh, you’re very lighthearted. Light beer suits your personality, because you’re not one to let anything heavy weigh you down.

An illustrated glass of light beer stands next to a laughing face emoji.

✨ — cream ale

You’re the kind of person who lights up a room, bringing a bit of sparkle to everything. Cream ale is known for its sparkling, crystal-clear appearance and clean flavour, as well as for being the kind of style that brightens up almost every beer lover’s face.

An illustrated glass of cream ale stands next to a sparkles emoji.

🙏 — amber ale

The folded hands emoji can mean many things: gratitude, appreciation and spirituality, to name a few. And they all reflect a deep appreciation for life and all its complexities. Amber ale can be deep and complex and refreshing, and, like life itself, gives you many layers to contemplate.

An illustrated glass of amber ale stands next to a prayer hands emoji.

😎 — radler

You’re chill and super cool. That’s why radler is the beer for you. As a mix of citrus and lager, radler is designed to keep people cool and refreshed.

An illustrated glass of radler stands next to a sunglass face emoji.

🤯 — IPA

Whoa, pal! Did you taste that?! As a person who’s prone to big reactions, how about a beer that gives you extreme flavours that’ll blow your mind? Robust and (often extremely) bitter, India pale ale (IPA) is the larger-than-life beer for you.

An illustrated glass of IPA stands next to a head-exploding emoji.

🔥 — pilsner

People who use the fire emoji are confident. They know what’s what and aren’t afraid to say it. Pilsner doesn’t need to try hard to prove itself, either: It’s effortlessly, elegantly delicious and always in fashion.

An illustrated glass of pilsner stands next to a fire/flamer emoji.

😍 — stout and porter

Let’s face it: You’re a lover and a romantic and you like to keep things intimate and cozy. Stouts and porters are sensual, too. With their blend of sweet and toasty flavours and aromas, and deliciously silky texture, they’re some of the most satisfying beers around.

An illustrated glass of stout or porter stands next to a heart eyes emoji.

👍 — pale ale

You’re easygoing and agreeable, just like a pale ale. This beer is a crowd-pleaser and it goes with lots of different meals and occasions. Sunny days? Big feasts? It’s all good.

An illustrated glass of pale ale stands next to a thumbs up emoji.

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