What beer to drink with your Valentine’s Day treats

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Find out which brews these Cupid-approved sweets would totally swipe right on

Dark chocolate truffles + stout or porter

Mouth-watering, creamy yet bittersweet chocolate bites win a prime spot on the V-Day candy list. Couple these morsels with a stout or porter, both of which play their own sweet tune with rich, chocolaty notes.

Caramel-filled chocolates + dark ale

So gooey they can make your teeth hurt, these sticky sweets are top dog in that heart-shaped box (just get there first before they disappear). Pair a square with the caramel and chocolate flavours of a dark ale, and you have a match made in heaven.

Cinnamon hearts + India pale ale (IPA)

The only heartburn we like are these spicy bites. They might be small, but these candies bring the heat, and a bold and hoppy IPA is the flavour companion they seek.

Chocolate-covered strawberries + British-style ale

This one is for the romantics. The earthy hops and malty sweetness of a British-style ale keep these playful berries grounded.

Milk chocolate Kisses + brown ale

Here’s a smooch for you. Paired with an equally simple brown ale, these chocolate smackeroos really sing on the palate.

Sour gummies + pilsner

These are sure to get you in a puckering mood. Wash down that sour kick with a pilsner. It’s zippy and crisp — just what the (love) doctor ordered.

Cherry heart-shaped lollipops + fruit beer

We’re suckers for a good sucker. Pair that cherry lolly with a fruit beer in a complementary flavour. Think of it like a fruit salad, but with beer.

Conversation hearts + wheat beer

Aww, a heart with a cheeky message. Play matchmaker by setting up these powdery bites with a pale wheat beer; it’s sweet and can hang with the tang.

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