Ultimate Halloween Party Checklist

Hot chili and cold beer are made for each other

We love a good fright (and theme), so we came up with a roster of everything you’ll need to create the greatest gathering this side of the grave.

Ain’t no party like a Halloween party, because a Halloween party involves frightful fun, treats, tricks and, of course, beer. Before you can get rocking, you need to do a bit of prep. We made it easy by detailing everything you’ll need, from munchies and drinks to entertainment and decor.


Make sure your guests are well taken care of with a spooky sampling of sweets, treats and some savoury bites. Set up a candy apple bar (with little ramekins of dippable caramel, sprinkles and chocolate chips for dunking) and a fondue station. No double-dipping!

Make a charcuterie board

For growling bellies, you’ll need a meaty spread. The beauty of a charcuterie board is anything goes. The more you crowd onto the board, the better it looks. Don’t be afraid to let things touch. To make it extra gory, place a large *clean* plastic skeleton in the centre of the board and assemble your accoutrements right inside so it looks like they’re gushing out.


When it comes to drinks, create a station where guests can zhuzh up their suds however they please. Your monster mash needs a signature brew, so we’ve included a recipe for beer punch, served in a bowl because, while you may be undead, you’re still classy. To be extra creepy, pour liquid (beer, juice or whatever won’t dilute the punch) into a silicone glove and freeze, then carefully cut off the glove and voila: frozen floating hand.


Keep your ghouls entertained with these simple activities. You can set up a DIY screen using a white sheet or even a blank wall, then project slasher films on silent. Crank the scary tunes, either from a premade playlist or one you curated yourself. Play creepy sound effects in the hallway, on the porch and in the washroom. And get everyone being social with a fun guessing game.

Fear fest

Your coven is getting ready to gather, but to make it a true Halloween party scene, you’ve got to set the mood. Head to the dollar store for the standard supplies, queue up your playlist and sound effects, and start spooking up the joint.

(Handy) tricks

Look at you, pulling out all the stops. Make sure your guests have everything they need for a fun night with these thoughtful extras.