The Ultimate Guide to Grilled Cheese & Beer

The Ultimate Guide to Grilled Cheese & Beer

Match gooey grilled cheese with the right brew and you’ve got yourself a taste sensation

Anytime is a good time for a grilled cheese sandwich, and when it’s matched with the right beer you’ve got a laid-back meal that satisfies. In these pairings there’s a little something for everyone, from classic flavours to creative sandwich combos. And here’s a hot tip: slather your bread in mayo before grilling for extra-crunchy texture. You’re welcome.

  1. Classic cheddar grilled cheese + pilsner
  2. The grilled cheese of childhood never gets old, but this standby is even better all grown up and served with a clean, easy-drinking pilsner on the side. Cheddar cheese slices and plain white bread, plus sweet ketchup for dipping, are all you need for a mouthful of nostalgia.

  3. Egg-in-a-hole grilled cheese + stout
  4. Whoever thought of combining eggs and toast in a single pan had a knack for efficiency. First, cut a hole in two slices of bread, then place both in a large buttered pan and crack an egg inside each hole. Cook on medium until golden on the bottom side, then flip. Make it a grilled cheese by topping each slice with aged cheddar and cooking a few minutes longer, until the bottom side is browned and the cheese is melting. Close up the sandwich and give it a good smash with a spatula. Round it off with a coffee-like stout for that all-day breakfast experience.

  5. Apple and smoked Gouda grilled cheese + amber ale
  6. For a more sophisticated taste, reach for smoked Gouda as your cheese layer, top with thinly sliced apple and grill until the cheese is soft and runny. Amber ale’s full-bodied malt contrasts the smoky-creamy cheese while complementing the sweet-tart apple flavours.

  7. Caramelized onion and Gruyère grilled cheese + brown ale
  8. Also known as a French melt, this Gruyère and onion combo is grilled inside — what else? — crusty French bread. Sauté sliced onions in butter until soft. (The longer you cook them, the sweeter they’ll get.) Then, sprinkle bread slices with cheese, close the sandwich and grill. The caramel nuttiness of a brown ale will enhance the sweet onions and rich-tasting cheese.

  9. Bacon-mozzarella-blue grilled cheese + IPA
  10. If big and bold is more your style, bring it with blue cheese and bacon. Sprinkle slices of rustic, multi-grain bread with a mix of sharp blue and mild mozzarella, top with bacon, close the sandwich and grill. The pungent-salty tang of this sandwich needs an equally bold brew. Try an India pale ale (IPA), a hop-heavy drink with enough bitterness to stand up to forward flavours.

  11. Waffle grilled cheese with ham and havarti + lager
  12. Top a toaster waffle with sliced ham and creamy havarti, close it up with a second waffle, and grill until crisp and golden. Refreshing lagers play along nicely with nutty cheese, salty ham and slightly sweet waffles.

  13. Jalapeno popper grilled cheese + cream ale
  14. For this pub-inspired combo, spread cream cheese onto white bread, top with pickled jalapenos and grated cheddar cheese, then grill until golden. A mild, slightly sweet cream ale will match the mellow cheese yet allow the zippy jalapenos to spice things up.

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