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Beers with lower alcohol content are recommended with any sushi dish. When pairing beer and sushi, typically Japanese rice beers are served. However, witbiers, often referred to as white beers, better complement the delicate texture of raw fish. The citrus flavour accentuates the freshness and salinity of sushi and cuts through its creamy, buttery flavours. White beers are light enough as to not overpower the subtle flavours of sushi.

Pilsners and light ales, or India pale ales can also be paired with sushi. The bitterness and hoppy taste of pilsners and light ales contrast the aroma of sushi and highlights the sweet and savoury flavour of the dish. India pale ales have slightly spicy notes that play well against the spiciness of wasabi and raw fish high in fat.

Ginger is commonly used during a sushi meal to cleanse the palette between courses. Hops ingredients contained in beer act similarly to the compounds in ginger, making it another great way to cleanse the palette and optimize the sushi experience.