Summer Sipping

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Let your glasses chill

No warm beers allowed. Your guests deserve better, so serve them up a frosty cup. To chill a beer glass, submerge it in water, pull it out and hold it upside down to let excess water drip off. Place the wet glass in the fridge for an hour or two. Max chill.

Say yes to garnishes

A cottage weekend doesn’t have to be bare bones. Adding garnishes to drinks is an easy way to dress up whatever you’re sipping. Keep the obvious ones on hand, like lemon, orange and lime wedges, but go ahead and be a little extra if that’s your thing. A fruity beer is refreshing with fresh berries dropped in. A slice of peach in a wheat beer tastes like sunshine. And don’t let Caesars have all the fun: Make a michelada by mixing light lager + lime juice + hot sauce + Worcestershire and pouring it into a tall glass topped with a savoury, spiced rim.

Make a mocktail

Treat non-drinkers and kiddos to a special refresher. Combine ginger beer, lime juice, club soda and grenadine for a gingery twist on a classic Shirley Temple. Mini-umbrellas not necessary but strongly encouraged.

DIY radler

A refreshing radler tastes so good on a hot, lazy day. It’s made from part lager or wheat beer and part citrus juice. To make an easy cottage version, try a blend of beer + tangy grapefruit soda. Feeling really fancy? Reach for a blood orange Italian soda.

Beer cubes

Ice cubes in beer? That’s a no go. They’ll water down your drink unless…they’re made with, well, more beer. Fill up an ice cube tray with the same kind of beer you’ll be drinking and freeze. Plop a few cubes into that cup you’re taking down to the dock. Note: Frozen beer can have a flaky texture. If you like smoother, firmer cubes, dilute the beer with a little water before pouring it into the tray.