Special Occasions Permit

Special Occasions Permit

Special Occasions Permit

Special Occasion Permits are required if you plan to serve or sell beverage alcohol at any location which is not a licensed establishment or a private place or residence. The event must qualify for a Special Occasion Permit under the criteria set out in the application.

What qualifies as a special event?

Special Occasion Permits are for special events such as weddings, receptions, charitable fundraisers, community festivals and auctions. Permits are intended for occasional use only, not for ongoing profit-making purposes.

Your responsibilities.

When you apply for a Special Occasion Permit, you agree to be held responsible for the safety and sobriety of your guests. The law requires anyone serving beverage alcohol to prevent intoxicated people from hurting themselves and others, and recent court decisions reflect this. 

As the organizer of the event, you and the operator of the location are jointly responsible for making sure the facility meets health and safety requirements. Both you, and the hall owners could be sued for failing to ensure that the premises are safe.

Special Occasion Permit applications are now submitted online via the links below:

Public Events:

Private Event:

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