If you plan to construct a stack of chocolate and marshmallows conveniently molded in between a pair of crunchy graham crackers roasted over an open fire, than you chose the right way to finish off a summer’s night. Pairing this mini treat with a beer will take your s’mores to a whole ‘nother level.

Pair your s’mores with a porter, dark strong ale, a chocolate or coffee flavored stout and you have a mouth watering combo of notes from the chocolate, caramelized skin of the marshmallow, and sweetness of the graham cracker. This pairs perfectly with the depth of the ale, stout or porter.

Having a flavoured stout will add that extra burst of aroma to the tasty little sandwich. Prepare to make a delicious mess!

*Tip: Best enjoyed with friends.

S’mores..the perfect campfire dessert. Pairing this treat with a late night beer will make wrapping up your summer night worthwhile.

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