S’mores, Fruit & Chocolate Pairings

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S’mores, Fruit & Chocolate Pairings


S’mores..the perfect campfire dessert. Pairing this treat with a late night beer will make wrapping up your summer night worthwhile.

If you plan to construct a stack of chocolate and marshmallows conveniently molded in between a pair of crunchy graham crackers roasted over an open fire, than you chose the right way to finish off a summer’s night. Pairing this mini treat with a beer will take your s’mores to a whole ‘nother level.

Pair your s’mores with a porter, dark strong ale, a chocolate or coffee flavored stout and you have a mouth watering combo of notes from the chocolate, caramelized skin of the marshmallow, and sweetness of the graham cracker. This pairs perfectly with the depth of the ale, stout or porter.

Having a flavoured stout will add that extra burst of aroma to the tasty little sandwich. Prepare to make a delicious mess!

*Tip: Best enjoyed with friends.


Fruit and beer can make a surprisingly tasty combination. Many beers contain traces of fruit which makes it a good match. Other subtle undertones in some beers compare and contrast nicely with the different flavours of fruit.

The most obvious fruit and beer combination is witbiers and oranges. Witbiers incorporate orange peels in the brewing process giving it a predominant citrus flavour that is enhanced when paired with oranges. The high levels of malt in the wheat used in witbiers cuts through the strong acidity in oranges.

Apples are best paired with a brown ale. The sweet juice and grainy texture of apples compare well with the malty sweetness of the beer. Caramel and apples have always been a winning combination, making the caramel notes in brown ales a perfect match for apples.

Although fruit is generally light in flavour and should be paired with a lighter beer like a pilsner, strawberries are one of the stronger fruits and pair best with a stout. The taste of strawberry lasts long on the palette so it is important to match it with a beer that does the same, like a stout. Stouts also have subtle hints of chocolate making it a great pair with strawberries.


Although beer and chocolate are not typically two items associated together, the earthy flavours of chocolate make it a great combination for various types of beer. Chocolate ranges from a multitude of flavours and intensities making it a good match with different levels of beer.

Dark chocolate is easy to pair with almost any type of beer. Stouts contain strong chocolate and coffee notes making it the best to pair with the strong taste of high percent dark chocolate. Pilsners pair best with lower percentage dark chocolate as to contrast the bitterness of the chocolate but not be overpowered. Wheat beers also make a good pairing with dark chocolate. The citrus notes of wheat beer cuts through the strong and bitter flavour and complement the chocolate taste.

Milk chocolate is more difficult to pair because of the higher levels of sugar. Pale ales and India pale ales are the best to pair with milk chocolate. The bitterness of the beer contrasts the sweetness of milk chocolate. Choosing milk chocolate at about a 50% concentration will ensure the chocolate aromas are not overpowered.

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