Roast Chicken

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Roast Chicken

Amber ales are well balanced and can be paired with lighter and heavier meals which make it a go-to pairing with roast chicken. Amber ales match the light flavours of chicken but can stand up to the strong herbal spices. The caramel notes of the beer complement the crispy and almost caramelized skin of roast chicken.

German style lagers are also a good choice. They are generally lighter in flavour and easy to drink. German lagers have a slight sweetness that highlights the sweet notes of roast chicken, while the hops of the beer complement the savoury seasoning.

Roast chicken is a sweet and savoury dish with a variety of flavours. This makes it easy to pair with different styles of beer. Typically when serving chicken, it is best to pair it with a lighter beer, as chicken is a light dish.