Pulled Pork

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Pulled Pork

Pulled pork is best suited with a pale ale. Pale ales are hoppier and can cut through the spices of the seasoning. They also contain sweet notes which play well with the tangy flavour of pulled pork. If the pulled pork is more on the spicy side, a honey ale will contrast the intensity.

A porter, more specifically a smoked porter, would also pair well with pulled pork. Pulled pork tends to have a smoky aroma that is enhanced by the smoky malts of a porter. Porters also have subtle hints of chocolate which complement the sweetness of the sauce.

Pulled pork is a rich and savoury dish infused with onions and garlic with a saucy texture. Pulled pork can vary with personal preference so it is important to pair it with a beer that complements its base flavours.