Belgian witbiers or hefeweizens pair best with lobster. Both these styles of beer are able to match and enhance the flavours of a traditional lobster meal. As lobster is normally served with a squeeze of lemon, these beers contain citrus notes which add to the citrus quality of the dish.

Pilsners, more specifically German-style pilsners, pair well with lobster. The crisp beer is able to stand up to the flavours of the lobster. Pilsners are able to cleanse the palette without taking away from the fresh flavours of shellfish.

An IPA also makes a good match with lobster. The hoppy characteristics of an IPA are able to cut through the oily butter that is typically served with lobster as well as stand up to the meaty texture without overpowering the flavours.

Shellfish such as crab or clams pair best with a hefeweizen. The lighter style of the beer and citrus notes match the light dish and enhance the sweet flavours. Mussels are best paired with wheat beers. The earthy tone of wheat beers compare well with the slightly stronger flavours of mussels while enhancing the unique texture. Porters or stouts pair well with oysters. The strong salty flavour of oysters needs to be matched with a strong beer that can stand up to the intense flavours.

A lobster bake makes a perfect summertime meal. Lobster is a succulent dish that has prominent flavours but it should be paired with a beer that doesn’t overpower its freshness.

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