Hosting a Beer Tasting

Hosting a Beer Tasting

Hosting a Beer Tasting

If you’ve been wanting to get to know different brands of beer but just haven’t gotten around to it, why not host a beer tasting? Not only is it an easy way to sample different types of beer, it’s also a great excuse to get together with friends!

To get started, pick a date and invite your friends (seven to nine is ideal)! Visit our Beer Finder section to view over 700 brands available.

Tips for a successful beer tasting evening:

We recommend you get three bottles for each style. Our rule of thumb is to pour 3 oz samples for your guests. This means you’ll get four samples per bottle (with some left over for you after the tasting).

Purchase some clear 5 oz tasting cups. These are easily disposable and result in very little clean up. (You can find them at most party supply shops.) A clear cup will also allow you to appreciate the great colours in all of your beers.

Learn about each brand. Before your guests arrive, try to find some background information on each brand such as brewing history, brewer’s tasting notes and where it’s actually brewed.

Have plenty of water on hand. This helps to cleanse the palate in between samples and lessen the effects of alcohol.

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