12 cool gifts for the beer lovers on your list

Beer Store holiday merchandise (left to right): Beer Store branded toque and mittens, Beer Store branded holiday sweater, and Beer Store coozies and bottle suits.

From beer lovers, for beer lovers: Our holiday gift picks will help you deliver extra cheer to the brew fans on your list

Holiday shopping time is here, so get a jump on finding the best gifts for the beer lovers in your life. Our fave suds-themed picks have dropped, from coozies and cozy gear to retro reminders and a sling-shaped cooler that we might actually want to keep all to ourselves. Stock may be limited, so shop early for the best selection. Don’t be in our DMs, feeling sad that you missed out!

Pretty in pink

Pompoms add a certain je ne sais quoi to the standard Canadian parka ’fit. This year we’ve leaned into a pink, grey and white palette to produce the snuggliest toques, scarves and mittens — available as separates but cohesive together — that tell the world what your favourite adult beverage is. (If you weren’t sure, it’s beer.) Pick up these Beer Store Ladies’ Winter Gear items as stocking stuffers, host or Secret Santa presents, or to fill up gift baskets.

Clockwise from top: Beer Store ladies’ pink-and-grey branded scarf, mittens and toque.

Team colours

The beer lover in your life will feel extra-cool (okay, warm, actually) heading out on a beer run repping this classic black, gold and white swag. What did they come in for again? One look down at their mitten-clad hands will reveal two big Bs and the answer. Hint: B is for beer. Grab a piece of Beer Store Men’s Winter Gear for yourself and one for a friend — items are sold separately but are fun to gift together.

Top to bottom: Beer Store men’s black-and-gold branded toque and mittens.

Made in the shade

Ball caps can do no wrong. They shield us from the sun, have our backs on bad-hair days and can be styled in highly Canadian ways, like plopping a Beer Store Toque overtop so only the bill peeks out from underneath. While we’re not fashion plates, we’re pretty confident that a sleek Beer Store Adjustable Baseball Cap is what’s been missing from your recipient’s wardrobe.

Black-and-gold Beer Store branded baseball cap.

It’s baaaaaaaack!

Well, look who just couldn’t stay away. Here for a limited run — and we mean limited — in select stores, the 2020 Beer Store Holiday Sweater is officially back and definitely exclusive! A faux knit of epic proportions, this sudsy top is a multi-seasonal, cozy covering that’ll take the wearer through fall, holidays and Ontario’s harsh winter. The 2021 Farmers’ Almanac says we’re in for extra snow and cold dips this year, so better bundle that sweater with our branded hats and mitts, just to be safe.

The 2020 branded holiday sweater, with a black background and gold and white bands of snowflakes, beer mugs and hops cones surrounding the Beer Store logo in the centre.

Sling back a brew or two

Quick question for you: If you’re not slinging your brewskis over your shoulder, what are you even doing with your life? We can’t get into the technicalities of ergonomics and your wrists because, uh, well, we sell beer. But know this: A clunky, hand-held cooler is not as superior as our insulated, soft, six-can-capacity Sling-Back Beer Cooler, which snugly transports suds from beach to hockey rink to wherever else they need to be.

Long, slim, Beer Store limited-edition sling-back cooler in black, with shoulder strap.

Play dress-up

Oh, you thought only cans got a sweater? Nuh-uh. The comfy slides that bottles wear are called — please wait for it — bottle suits! Not only do they keep bevs cold and look sweet, but they also protect your tender palms from the chill. And those logos? Fans went wild when we trotted out our retro-branded anniversary sweaters, cap, jacket and fanny pack for a contest. If you weren’t a prizewinner, sorry, but you can still have a piece of the very limited pie. Our orange Beer Store Coozies and Bottle Suits feature our iconic logo introduced in 1987. Wrapping tip: Add these to a stocking, even if that stocking is a 2-4 of beer. Just stuff a couple into the case’s handle.

Beer Store branded coozies and bottle suits, in blue with the current logo and in orange with the retro logo.

Choose your own brew-venture

Some people say that gift cards aren’t thoughtful. We beg to differ. A Beer Store Gift Card is the ultimate offering of choice. It can supplement other prezzies, like a sling-back cooler or coozies, and can come with a thoughtful list of suggested beers to purchase based on what you think the recipient will like. And with more than 1,000 brands in-store and online, we can help you put some serious thought into this one.

Two Beer Store gift cards.

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