Hearty Meals Pairings

Hearty Meals Pairings

Hearty Meals Pairings

French Onion Soup

Caramelized onions soaking in rich broth while cheese seeps over the bowl all while a flavourful aroma fills the kitchen makes this ale pairing meal all the more delicious.

When choosing the right ale to pair up with the tasty characteristics of French Onion Soup it’s imperative (pardon the pun) to match your ale with the features you love about this enjoyable meal.

If you love melted cheese, a nut brown ale is for you. The flavours of the cheese will play off the nuttiness of brown ale making for a mouth-watering beer and food pairing. Remember when pairing a brown ale with French Onion Soup choose an ale that is more malt flavoured than hop flavoured, this will avoid the soup from tasting too bitter.

French Onion Soup isn’t necessarily associated with Scotch, however in this pairing it tastes great. Scotch ale is a hearty alternative to the popular brown ale that is typically paired up with French Onion Soup. The richness of the broth will enhance with every drink of this ale.

Last but not least, red ale is a fruit flavoured, oak filled option to pair with French Onion Soup. The characteristics of red ale will exaggerate the caramelized onions and leave you wanting another bowl…and another beer!

Want to try making this soup at home? Our Easy Belgian Ale French Onion Soup recipe combines Belgian witbier, savoury onions and garlic and an onion soup mix shortcut (don’t worry, we won’t tell!) for a deliciously comforting meal.

Hearty Meals

During the crisp winter days pairing a cold, delicious beer with a warm bowl of comforting soup might be a different concept for most beer lovers but with the right pairing, a beer can add new and great tastes to a steamy bowl of soup.

A soup can be served as a starter to most meals or can be a main course and a comfort food. An Italian sausage tortellini soup can be a whole meal in a bowl. When it contains meat, cheese, pasta and veggies pairing it with the right beer can add another dimension of flavors to your soup. For instance, an IPA will really enhance the spicy flavor in the sausage and actually turn up the heat of the spice too. The nature of your beer can balance the spiciness of your comfort food and can also be a great experiment with a lot of delicious results.

Rich and hearty beef stews need a beer that is also rich and hearty. Pair stews with heavy porters or stouts and enjoy the complementing flavors that won’t be over toned by each other. Actually, the seasonings in the stew will be intensified by the roasted flavors in thick beers.

A wheat beer pairs best with a tomato-based soup. The strong fruit tones of the beer cut through the tomatoes acidity. Heavy mushroom soups can be paired with a brown ale allowing you to taste the earthy flavors of the mushrooms.

Cooking with beer is also a delicious option. If you are hungry for a rich, velvety cheese soup with the great flavor of cheddar try using a very mellow tasting lager to accentuate the cheese. Of course there are stouts and porters to add to your stew too. The caramelized and toasted malt flavors of these beers work really well with slow-cooked meat.

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