Finding your go-to summer beer

 Finding your go-to summer beer

How to know when you’ve met The One, who deserves a place in your fridge all summer long

Picture this: It’s been a long, hot day (or maybe it just feels like the longest week ever). You’ve been too busy to enjoy the sunshine, but that’s all about to change. You’re on your way home, getting ready to put your feet up and relax — which means a date with a cold one. And your favourite brew is already at home, in the fridge, waiting for you.

Now close your eyes and tell us: What kind of beer do you see on that shelf?

Why your must-drink summer beer is worth finding

When you’re in the mood for a hot-weather refresher, it’s nice to have your go-to beer on hand. This is the trusty beer that cools you down while you’re catching up on yardwork. It’s the one that plays nicely with whatever you’re having for dinner. It’s always in the fridge when friends drop by unannounced, and you stock up on it when you go camping or to the cottage. It’s perfect for cracking open when it’s way too hot to do anything but kick back and chill.

Kicking off the search

Beer drinkers usually fall into two categories: Either you decided on your signature summer brew a long time ago, or you’re on the delicious journey to discover it. If you’re still looking for The One (or you’re open to switching things up), there are some easy ways to tell if a beer is a promising candidate.

    4 ways to tell if your summer beer is The One

  1. It’s easy-drinking.
  2. This is the most important characteristic for your summer beer. It has to have a flavour that you’ll never get bored of, all summer long.

  3. It’s easy to understand.
  4. You need to be able to hand a cold one to a friend without a lot of explanation. That rules out anything too exotic. It’s fine to explore, but your search will go more smoothly if you stick to simple beer styles that are user-friendly and laid-back. For instance, pilsners and light lagers are solid summer choices. They’re crisp and refreshing, and most beer lovers enjoy them. But there are plenty of other options with similar personalities. Kolsches (sometimes called lagered ales) and cream ales are both light-tasting styles that offer the same easy-drinking dryness as a lager. If you like hoppy beers, a pale ale might be a fit.

  5. It’s refreshing.
  6. Beers with citrus flavours are another great bet for summer. Radlers combine beer and citrus juice (often grapefruit) in one refreshing package. Belgian-style wheat beers, also called white beers or witbiers, are flavoured with citrus peel and spices, and they also beat the heat with a vengeance.

  7. The pack size fits
  8. Sometimes it’s fun to get a single or a sixer of something different, especially if you’re throwing a party for your favourite beer explorers. Buying a selection of six-packs lets you try a bunch of varieties without committing to a single style or flavour—till you find The One, anyway! But if you already have your favourite lined up, and it comes in a 12-pack or a two-four, it pays to stock up. Buying larger packs is a wise move for your wallet — you save an average of $9 when you buy a two-four instead of buying four six-packs. And that means more cash on hand for good times ahead.

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