Festive Treats

Festive Treats

Festive Treats

Gingerbread Cookies: The smell and taste of ginger is often associated with the holiday season, and these cookies come in many variations; ginger snaps, gingerbread, molasses cookies (just to name a few). The ginger and spices go well with hoppy beer like an IPA. The maltiness of the beer helps balance the sweet and spice of the cookie. You’ll want to enjoy this flavour combination all year round!

Shortbread Cookies: These classic cookies deserve to be served with a traditional style beer, like a Scottish Ale or a Porter. The subtle flavours of the shortbread cookie are complemented but not overpowered by the dark and fruity notes.

Sugar Cookies: These crowd pleasers have the added bonus of icing and sprinkles on top, in most cases. A light Belgian blonde ale has the right amount of fruit and spice tones to neutralize the icing and sugar, while allowing the carbonation to cleanse the palate for the next round of treats!

An unlikely pair, but believe it or not beer and cookies go well together any time of year. The holidays offer a great excuse to try out all your favourite treats!

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