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Dark chocolate is easy to pair with almost any type of beer. Stouts contain strong chocolate and coffee notes making it the best to pair with the strong taste of high percent dark chocolate. Pilsners pair best with lower percentage dark chocolate as to contrast the bitterness of the chocolate but not be overpowered. Wheat beers also make a good pairing with dark chocolate. The citrus notes of wheat beer cuts through the strong and bitter flavour and complement the chocolate taste.

Milk chocolate is more difficult to pair because of the higher levels of sugar. Pale ales and India pale ales are the best to pair with milk chocolate. The bitterness of the beer contrasts the sweetness of milk chocolate. Choosing milk chocolate at about a 50% concentration will ensure the chocolate aromas are not overpowered.

Although beer and chocolate are not typically two items associated together, the earthy flavours of chocolate make it a great combination for various types of beer. Chocolate ranges from a multitude of flavours and intensities making it a good match with different levels of beer.