Chicken Wings

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Chicken Wings

The most common type of wings is buffalo wings. They typically are not breaded and covered in hot sauce. Pale ales or India pale ales are the best to serve with buffalo wings. The bitter hops of pale ales are able to cut through the hot sauce. The beer is not too complex as to not overwhelm the intensity of the heat and is a great way to cool down your palette.

Dry rub wings are seasoned with a variety of spices containing a multitude of different flavours. These wings would be best paired with a brown ale. Brown ales are rich in flavour so they can stand up to the complexity of dry rub wings but light enough to still be refreshing.

Barbeque wings can range from mild to hot and contain a mixture of spices and sauces like pepper, garlic, chili, honey, and of course barbeque sauce. They are normally grilled which makes them a great pair with a porter. Porters are cloudy and quite rich which compares well with the heavier smoky flavours of grilled barbeque wings.

Beer and chicken wings are a classic combination. Different types of wings call for different types of beer. Selecting the right style of beer can enhance this crowd favourite.