Hot chili and cold beer are made for each other


Depending on your choice of brunch, the choice of beer pairing will follow. For those egg and cheese lovers choose a wheat beer or a radler to pair up with your traditional brunch. The citrus of the beer paired with the many choices of how to cook an egg (breakfast tacos anyone?) will have your taste buds happy of your early afternoon treat.

If you’re more of a French toast fan reach for that late morning stout to pair your brunch with. The roasted flavors of the stout will pair deliciously with the texture of the eggy toast. Don’t stop there! Pairing any breakfast with a traditional Shandy (beer mixed with lemonade, orange juice etc.) will be a delicious way to start your morning! Bottoms up!

Beer for breakfast? It might be a crazy thought, but as food and beer pairings become increasingly popular as part of a delicious meal the thought doesn’t seem so crazy. It’s 11 o’clock somewhere!

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