The perfect beer for your holiday party style

An assortment of images of styles of beer with text bubbles describing party styles. Top row from left to right: fruit beer and seasonal music spinner, witbier and cheerful chatterbox, brown ale and dessert devourer, light beer and dedicated dancer. Bottom row from left to right: seasonal beer and generous gift giver, festive beertails and busy bartender, belgian-style ale and party planner, porter or stout and the ghost guest.

There are eight different kinds of guests you can expect at any holiday gathering — which one are you? Whoever you may be, there’s a beer that best suits your party style

What’s your favourite spot to be during a holiday party? On the dance floor or behind the bar? Or maybe you’re parked beside the buffet table? Perhaps you love the role of the organizer, tirelessly making guest lists, decorating and planning an epic spread?

Everyone’s preferred party mode is personal, just like their taste in beer. And for every kind of partier — from dessert fiend to DJ — there’s a perfect beer style, too. Read on to discover which holiday party style best describes you and you’ll find a recommended brew for this year’s seasonal festivities.

The cheerful chatterbox: Witbier (Belgian-style wheat beer)

Hey, who wouldn’t want to talk to you? You’re bright, bubbly and full of zest. And, guess what? There’s a beer to match: Belgian-style wheat beers are on the sweet side, with cheerful flavours such as honey, bubble gum and a zesty hint of citrus. So, crack a beer and get gabbing.

A glass of witbier with cheerful chatterbox written in a text bubble beside it.

The seasonal music spinner: Fruit beer

Are you that person who insists on playing holiday music? Clearly, you don’t mind a lot of sweetness (just listen to that playlist!). And fruit beer can be pretty darn sweet, too. But you can appreciate it on a deeper level if you really pay attention to the nuances, just like with those classic holiday tunes everyone’s heard a zillion times.

A glass of fruit beer with seasonal music spinner written in a text bubble beside it.

The dedicated dancer: Light beer

If you’re the kind of guest who spends most of the party cutting a rug, how about a beer that won’t weigh you down? Light beer is a refreshing sipper that’s easy on the palate — perfect while you’re busting a move.

A glass of light beer with dedicated dance written in a text bubble beside it.

The dessert devourer: Brown ale

Sugar cookies, gingerbread, cakes — you love all the treats of the season. (Yes, even fruitcake.) If you’re a lover of dessert and beer, try a brown ale. With nutty aromas complementing a semi-sweet, bread-like body, it’s (yet another) festive treat for your taste buds.

A glass of brown ale with the dessert devourer written in a text bubble beside it.

The generous gift-giver: Seasonal beer

For some, it’s a time of generosity. If you’re looking to share something special with your fellow party guests, bring a beer they can only get now. Check out The Beer Store’s rotating selection of seasonal beers and think about what your friends might enjoy — and don’t forget a curated collection for the host!

A glass of seasonal beer with the generous gift giver written in a text bubble beside it.

The busy bartender: Beertails

Some of us like to keep our hands busy at a party, helping out and prepping drinks for others. It’s a fun way to get a chance to chat with everybody — and receive a little praise in the process. If that’s you, bring along the makings for festive beertails for the partygoers. Here are some tasty recipes to get you going: Holiday Beer Sangria, Peppermint Mule, Mulled Ale and Cranberry Ginger Shandy.

A glass with a beertail in it with the busy bartender written in a text bubble beside it.

The ghost guest: Porter or stout

Maybe you’re the guest who’s going to ghost in about an hour. If you tend to vanish from parties without saying “goodbye,” how about a stout or a porter? They are beers as dark as the night you plan to disappear into.

A glass with porter or stout with the ghost guest written in a text bubble beside it.

The party planner: Belgian-style ale

Who to invite? What food to make? How to decorate? As the party planner, you’re clearly comfortable with a lot of complexity — and you’re probably pooped after all that work. Here’s a beer you can savour slowly, because you deserve to relax after the party is all prepped.

A glass with a Belgian style ale with the party planner written in a text bubble beside it.

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