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Be the Host With the Most

Be responsible

Alcohol needs to be treated with respect. Make sure you have non-alcoholic options available, like mocktails, juice and plenty of water. And always have food set out so your guests never drink on an empty stomach. As the host, drink minimally (or not at all) so you can think clearly if any issues come up. And always have designated drivers on hand. Make space for people to stay over and encourage your guests to take a cab if needed. Keeping cash on hand for that is a smooth move.

Recycling is cool

Stash your emptied 2-4 boxes in a corner with a recycle sign so people can easily drop off their cans and bottles. If you set up stations at the beginning of the weekend, it’ll be easy to corral everything for a trip back to the Beer Store. And make sure to rinse any food cans or plastic containers from the hummus and potato salad before tossing them in the blue bin

Please the masses

Make sure everyone at the party has a brew they can get behind. It’s simple math, really. We call it the 4:1 rule: For every four well-known and well-liked beers you buy, pick up one new and adventurous variety. A wild card, if you will. So when you grab your fave 24-pack, tuck a six-pack of something different in your cart, too.

Make a mixed drink

Welcome your guests with a pitcher of something refreshing, like a bulldog margarita. This one is a cinch: Mix one can of frozen limeade with two bottles of your favourite light beer. That’s it. Throw in some lime wedges for good measure and enjoy a cool welcome on a hot day.

Set the tone

Never underestimate the importance of a good playlist. Whether you curate your own hit list or throw on an old favourite, get those tunes going. Keep the volume loud enough to hear it, but not so loud that it drowns out conversation. Remember, sound is always amplified over water, so be mindful of music on the dock.