8 amazing beer and ice cream floats

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Delicious (adults-only) icy summertime treats await with these fun pairings

I scream, you scream…wait, why are we all screaming? Oh, yeah — ice cream! Elevate your beer game with these creamy suds recos. Never heard of a beer float? It’s just brew and ice cream hanging out in the same glass. The result is frothy, beery, creamy and, honestly, the perfect treat for right now.

Peanut butter–chocolate + dark or brown ale

Peanut butter and chocolate is a power couple we’re all obsessed with, and adding a scoop (or three) of the decadent duo to a glass of dark or brown ale is in everyone’s best interests. Both the suds and the ice cream have sweet and nutty flavours, so, really, there’s nowhere to go but up.

Vanilla bean + pale wheat beer ale

This combo is simple, but it wears it well. In fact, vanilla is one of the most popular ice cream flavours of all time. A pale ale packs subtle banana and clove aromas, which spice up this scoop’s life, making each sip a complementary one. Whoever said vanilla couldn’t hang?

Coconut + India pale ale (IPA)

India pale ale is known for its exotic fruit aromas and powerful hops. That scoop of chill coconut will only enhance the tropical vibe already in your pint glass. So, quick Q: Do you like piña coladas? This combo does.

Dulce de leche + IPA

Okay, so IPA gets around, and we support its work ethic wholeheartedly. Once you’ve finished your coconut combo, try pairing indulgent dulce de leche ice cream with tart India pale ale. The brew’s pineapple aroma likes to flex with the caramel, and it isn’t going to let you down. Ever.

Maple-walnut + British-style pale ale, dark ale or honey beer

If a bit of Canadiana is more your style in the frozen aisle, match it with a dark ale or its Commonwealth pal, British-style pale ale. Both give a sweet and malty flavour to your maple-infused sip. If you like it really sugary, take it to another level with a honey beer. Double down!

Coffee + porter or stout

Porter and stout are chummy with lots of different frozen treats, but what really floats their boat is anything coffee-flavoured. The two are kindred, sharing a flavour profile that hits home runs on the roasty front. Wake up and smell the float?

Straight-up dark chocolate + stout or porter

Like we said, stout and porter are easygoing. And because they’re chocolaty themselves, a rich dark chocolate scoop will make quite the splash when it comes to float time.

Lemon gelato + pale wheat beer

We already know lemon adds zippy flavour to anything (obvs), so think of this combo like adding a squeeze of citrus to your suds — except these lemons have been whipped into creamy submission with a bunch of sugar, eggs and heavy cream. This matchup is delicious, and you deserve it.

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