7 nifty gift ideas for beer lovers

Stop by The Beer Store to get your holiday brews and knock off some of your gift shopping while you’re at it. We have cool goodies for everyone on your nice list

Koozies, $6.99 to $7.99

It doesn’t get more Canuck than snuggling a fresh brew inside a cozy koozie, especially when it’s wearing your favourite Canadian team logo. These are priced just right, so you can help every sports fan on your list showcase their pride. (Bonus: The koozies are reversible, so your friends can turn them inside out after all playoff hopes are gone.)

LED Christmas toques, $12.99

It isn’t the holidays without some over-the-top cheer. Keep heads warm and spirits high with festive hats that put a smile on everyone’s face. These make fun stocking stuffers and are a bright idea (!) for friendly gift exchanges, like Secret Santa or White Elephant.

LED freezer mug, $19.99

Filled with freezer gel (like those reusable ice bricks for your cooler), this is the frostiest mug around. It features your fave sports team logo and three LED settings (flashing, standard or cascade), so it will literally light up the eyes of the recipient. Just pop it in the freezer a few hours ahead of game time, pour in a fresh brew just before kickoff, flick on the LEDs and enjoy a crisp, refreshing beer until the final score is posted.

4-pack beer sampler, $19.99

This sports-themed beer sampler set comes complete with a wooden board and four glasses etched with the receiver’s favourite team logos. (It may sound fancy, but a beer sampling party is just a fun, interactive way to try out a bunch of different beers in one sitting — no note-taking necessary!) At this price, you can buy an extra set and invite yourself over for a New Year’s tasting party.

3-piece fan set, $20.99

Complete with a logo-emblazoned beer stein, a shot glass and a mug for that essential post-party coffee, this gift covers all hours of the day so your sports mega-fan friends can show their beloved team unwavering support.

Asobu Frosty Beer 2 Go Chiller, $25.99

Tell resort-bound friends to leave their travel mugs at home: these next-level koozies are vacuum sealed and double walled to keep brews super frosty — even while resting on hot sand. Come summer, they’re the ultimate portable cooler. They can hold standard beer bottles or any size cans, so they’re one size fits all.

The Beer Store Gift Card, $1 to $500

Give the joy of discovery. With more than 800 brands to choose from, The Beer Store has something for everyone, from familiar go-to brews to beers from around the globe. Plus, you never have to worry about this gift going out of style — or expiring!

Don’t forget: Be the guest who gets invited back

Like a box of assorted chocolates (only way better), an 8-pack carrier holds a fun selection of tallboys — perfect for sharing with the host of any party. With so many top-quality singles to choose from in store, you can create a custom lineup of brews for any open house or festive get-together in your calendar. Well, aren’t you the thoughtful guest?

Note: Not all products are available at all locations of The Beer Store. Stocks are limited; get them while supplies last.


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